About our company

We are a family company and worldwide exporter of embroideries that deliver products of the highest manufacturing standard.

Everyday we design new patterns, change the colors and we try to make our customers matchless. More than 110 years ago, our ancestors made embroideries for the big swiss companies on the exact same place as today. Through access to modern machines, high-end materials, support and the profession of experts, we deliver products to our customers they need to be successful in today's global economy. The textile market has historically changed then never before. Due to the globalization, many textile manufacturer outsourced to other countries and economies because of profit maximation. With that step they lost flexibility and quality. At our company, we have a different management process, and we back it up with the fact that we are one of the last embroidery companies who use the best materials made in Switzerland and Crystals from Swarovski. Our view is that not all risks are equal—or acceptable.